March 13, 2012

The Vaccine Champion | Musings from Dr G.  (Part 1 of 2)
You've heard of Pediatricians who "fire" patients opting not to follow the
vaccination schedule.  But did you know the AAP then coins them "Vaccine
Champions?"  We have at least one here in Chicago.  He even conducts
seminars on "The Vaccine Controversy."  

Not wanting to miss an opportunity to "Get the Facts," a group of us with
vaccine injured children decided it might be a good idea to see what he had
to say.  The night's happenings will be detailed in a blog that a fellow mom
and I are collaborating on even as you read this.

Until then, I thought you might enjoy some enlightening quotes from our
very own, Vaccine Champion, Dr. Scott Goldstein.

On the ingredients in vaccines:
On why the rates of autism are drastically increasing:
On what to make of the concerning accounts on the Vaccine
Just made up?  Dr. Goldstein also informed us, "I've never seen a case of the
"light going out," or a child developing autism following a vaccination."

Meanwhile, a friend of mine has an autistic son who was a patient of Dr G.  
As she questioned him about a possible link he emphatically denied it...  
continuing to vaccinate as his symptoms worsened.  

Sadly, there were many additional falsehoods and untruths throughout the
evening.  Stay tuned for more -- including his express recommendation to
use Tylenol for fevers following vaccination -- in our upcoming blog.

Until then, share his wisdom.  Pass along these cards.  Enlighten others.  
Because, according to Dr. Scott Goldstein himself,  "Unlike Dr. Sears, I'm a
REAL vaccine researcher."
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