September 30, 2010
c/o School Nurse

Re:  School Immunization Request

Dear _________,

In accordance with 77 Illinois Administrative Code 655.510 , we hereby state that as
parents, based on our religious beliefs, we object to the diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus,
(DPT, DTaP) and Hib  [INSERT YOURS]  vaccinations that are missing from [MY CHILD'S]
vaccination schedule.  

Our family’s personal religious beliefs prohibit the injection of foreign substances into our
bodies. We believe that the Holy Bible teaches that parents are responsible for the care
of their children.  We believe that we cannot willfully go against the law of God, and fully
put our trust in Him for Caroline’s health.

Regarding the vaccines Caroline has received, we are very disappointed to say that we
were pressured into giving them to her.  We were led to believe that she would not be
able to attend school without them.  Now that we know the truth, we do not plan to
further vaccinate her.

God has provided Caroline with an immune system and we put our faith in Him to have
given her what is necessary to protect her from harm.  Furthermore, the Bible teaches
that we shall keep the blood pure, and keep the seed from being mixed.  When genetic
materials from bacteria, viruses, yeast, animals, birds, and other humans are injected
during vaccination, the blood gets contaminated, and genetic changes occur.  God
warned not to do this. To do so would violate these teachings of the Bible.  Our
objection is based on our deeply-held religious beliefs.

The vaccination of our daughter violates laws put forth within us by a higher power at
the time of conception.

Our personal religious beliefs include our obedience to God’s law, and we believe that
we are responsible before God for the life and safety of our daughter, created by God.

No Shots.  No School.  Not True.

If the government's suggested vaccine schedule isn't for you and you want to delay or
deny vaccines for your school-aged child, you will need to write a letter to their school.  

In our case, we were told to wait until the school sent home a request for the
vaccinations Caroline was missing and at that time to send the below letter.

The school nurse helped us draft it based on the allowed religious exemption and what
she saw to be effective for other parents in the past.

Please Note: The below letter may or may not reflect our actual beliefs, but when your
child has been previously vaccine injured and you're obviously not going to purposefully
damage her further, you write what needs to be written.
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