January 8, 2012

Journey to Recovery Video: Part 2 | Navigating through PANDAS
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As with so many things in life, just when you think you've begun to figure things out and are
anticipating a few moments of smooth sailing, the winds change.  Often even before the first
sip of celebratory champagne, you find yourself setting down the glass and springing back
into action.  

For the three of us aboard "The Caroline," just as we felt her ASD recovery journey was
headed toward calmer waters, (and made
Part 1 of her video), the winds changed.  She
developed obsessive compulsive behaviors and tics seemingly overnight and we found we
needed to do more than adjust our sails.  

We needed to enroll in an entirely new sailing school.  A school where terms such as
GABHS, CaM Kinase, ASO, IVIG and PEX were explained and someone could clarify why
"PANDAS" no longer meant black and white bamboo-eating bears.

We found that school on the internet.  And luckily, there was a network of parents, waiting
with open arms to help us navigate the rough, broken waves amidst the often the fierce,
abruptly changing winds.  Because of them, we managed to come through it only slightly
tattered and torn.  

So now it's our turn, to pass on to others all that we've learned from the brightest parents
and doctors, in hopes that Caroline's story can help other children.  Without further adieu,
here's part II of her journey to recovery:
For specifics on PANDAS symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and prognosis, please visit the link
featured at the end of the video:

There you will also find details about Caroline's story from our list of PANDAS specific blog
entries and web pages.

Thank you, once again, to everyone who has offered us assistance on this particularly trying  
leg of the journey.  We look forward to Part III, when we'll hopefully be reporting crystal clear
waters, gentle breezes and lots of boat drinks all around (non-alcoholic for the Caroline of
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