Caroline was born on June 2, 2006 and was a happy, healthy, playful baby...
until 6 months of age when she received the DTaP, IPV/OPV, Hep B, PCV7
and a Flu shot all at her 6 month well child visit.  After that, she began
exhibiting a shaking behavior any time her excitement or sensations became
more than she could process.  

Other than that, she was still fairly typical.  She began to babble and was
developing a few words... Ma-ma, da-da...the words that touch a parent's
heart.  However, after 12 months of age (and the MMR), she lost them and did
not gain any others.  She became much more interested in electronics than
people.  It was subtle, but noticeable.  Her sensory processing difficulties

Her pediatrician suggested she have an EEG, which led to a meeting with a
neurologist, Dr. Swisher at Children’s Memorial at 17 months of age.  He
diagnosed her with
Sensory Processing Disorder and Verbal Apraxia.  She
was not talking at all at that time.  We were unaware of the turn our lives would
soon take.

We began Speech and Occupational Therapy at 18 months.  She progressed
very slowly and still had no words until age 2 ½ (30 months) at which time she
could say one syllable consonant-vowel words, when prompted.    

Something she developed early on, was remarkable intelligence and memory.  
She knew all the colors, shapes, letters and numbers before age 2 and never
ceased to amaze her therapists with her knowledge, even in the absence of
language.  These skills gave us hope that soon she would overcome the
language barrier.  But the progress was very, very slow and her sensory
issues were mounting.  She was becoming completely intolerant of transitions,
defensive of many textures (including most foods) and her social anxiety was
debilitating.  We knew we needed to look beyond therapy.

The Biomedical Journey

When she was 33 months old, she was diagnosed with autism and we began
to research and learn about underlying medical issues that could be causing
her symptoms.  It was the beginning of our biomedical journey as we
cautiously gave her a supplement called
DMG (Dimethylglycine).  It was
amazing!  She was considerably more calm and many of the tantrums over
transitions and being in public places were gone.  It was evident that we
needed to look into other treatments.

At 35 months, we knew about the GFCF diet, but it was daunting and we were
skeptical.  So, we started digestive
enzymes (DPP-IV, to help her digest gluten
and casein) with every meal and snack.  She became more focused & calmer,
but she still needed prompting for almost every word with more than 1
syllable.  By 38 months we decided it would be worth it to give the diet a try.  
She responded very well, more language and more focus on tasks.  At 39
months she was also soy free, 40 months, low sugar… this one made a big
difference in controlling gut and yeast issues and even cleared her persistent

At age 3 ½ we saw Dr. John Hicks.  We tested her for deficiencies and began

methyl b-12
(vitamin) injections.  Immediately upon starting them the words
came easier for her.  It truly was inspirational to watch happen nearly

He also suggested to give her
Cod Liver Oil, rather than the Children's DHA
that we were giving her.  It made a big difference in her overall disposition and
ability to tolerate change.    

In an attempt to heal her gut (rather than just avoid foods she couldn’t digest),
we began the
Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD/GAPS) in February of 2010.  

The diet is completely grainless (limited to meat, fruits, vegetables and eggs).  
The results we noticed within days were more focus and attention, and
improvement of GI issues. It may be one of the most difficult interventions
we've tried, but the results make it a necessity for her.


With Dr. Hicks, we worked on treating yeast naturally, but it wasn't strong
enough.  So many children with sensory and language issues have systemic
yeast problems and antifungals can lift the fog.  Wanting to more aggressively
attack yeast, in March 2010, we saw a GI specialist, Dr. Charles Dumont.  He
prescribed Diflucan (antifungal) and within a day, she very quickly began
putting 3 words together, had noticeably increased focus and decreased
sensory issues.

Finding Hope

In April 2010, we visited True Health Medical Center and learned that there
was so, so much more we could to help her heal.  We performed more testing
and added Flagyl (antibiotic) to fight bad bacteria in her gut.  As many of her
OCD behaviors lessened, she became more typical.   Although upon stopping
it, several behaviors slowly returned... because of this we had
PANDAS on our

Also, we learned that Caroline's body can't overcome the viruses from the
vaccines, as she is still fighting them. They're causing inflammation in her
brain and gut, which lead to many of her issues.  In an attempt to help her
fight the viruses, we tried
Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) cream to help modulate
her immune system.  

It was a social miracle.  After a week on LDN, Caroline was much more
genuinely interested in people… saying hello to strangers, sharing her
favorite toys, instructing others how to do things etc… for ONE day.  Then the
yeast flared and she regressed.  It took about 2-3 weeks for her to return to
her pre-LDN state.  We also tried Vancomycin which resulted in diarrhea for 7
weeks.  Luckily, her behavior wasn’t greatly affected, but her gut clearly was.  
After just 1 day back on Flagyl, her gut was back to normal.

We have also cleaned up her environment and keep her from toxins as much
as possible.  You name it, we filter it... including her
bathwater.   Everything
from organic foods to
lawncare are critical when you have a child with a poor
functioning detox system.

Just after her 4th birthday, June 2010, she taught herself to read.  That and
the other traits she exhibits clearly pointed us toward an additional diagnosis

In August 2010 we began mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (
HBOT), to supply
more oxygen to her brain (helping build connections), improve mitochondrial
function, decrease oxidative stress and further heal her gut.  At about 12
hours of treatment, we noticed she was becoming calmer, happier, more
tolerant.  Her language was clearly improved and her tantrums and social
anxiety were disappearing.  The grinding, clenching and pained look on her
face no longer existed.  

With hyperbaric, we needed to work diligently on suppressing
yeast.  When
yeast returns, so do the lack of focus, teeth grinding, night waking (5 hours at
a time) and drunken laughing.  We increased antifungals even more to
suppress it, but it’s a delicate balance.  The yeast can make everything spiral
out of control and mask gains from a treatment.

in September 2010, we tried Imunovir, another immune modulator and her
sleep cycles were again disrupted (similar to LDN - also an immune system
enhancer).  She was wide awake for 3-6 straight hours in the middle of the
night.  We took her off it and her sleep returned to normal.  We put her back
on at less than half the dose and she again woke for 5 hours two nights in a
row.  She was missing too much school and too much sleep... that was the
end of Imunovir.

We will be revisiting antivirals after we work more on the heavy metals -- which
are also wreaking havoc on her gut and brain.

Detox / Chelation

From a urine porphyrins test we learned that she has elevated levels of
mercury and several other metals.  To remove them, in October 2010, we
began low dose chelation with DMPS.  The first round went extremely well.   
The DMPS is given every 8 hours for 3 consecutive days.  It binds heavy
metals and removes them from the organs.  She especially needs this to fight
the metals in her gut which allow yeast and bacteria to thrive.  We chelate
every weekend and have also added Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) which removes
metals from the brain.   We're following the
Andy Cutler chelation protocol that
requires very small doses of chelator every 3 hours, around the clock to
minimize possible effects of redistribution of metals.

With chelation we're noticing more tolerance, improved awareness and focus,
more social engagement and significant language gains (sentences coming
much easier) and .  We have also been able to take her off of Flagyl.  We
replaced it with Berberine complex, which seems to be keeping the bacteria
under control.  

Chelation is a long process which also demands persistent yeast control.  
Most children need 100-300 rounds of ALA to remove the mercury from their
brain.  As the rounds progress, we have seen many more tremendous gains...
better coordination, increased understanding of the world around her, a
sense of humor, more body strength and decreased sensory defensiveness.


We stumbled upon adrenal fatigue as a cause of many ASD children's
meltdowns, inability to control emotions and night waking. With Adrenal Cortex
Extract (to raise her low cortisol during the day) and Phosphatidyl Serine (to
lower it at night) we've kept her fairly meltdown free for about 8 months.  
Please read our post
"The Meltdown to end all Meltdowns" for more on


In March 2011, we visited a Homeopath, Miranda Castro.  She was
recommended to us by a friend who had a son who Miranda recovered from
autism.  We read Amy Lansky's book "
Impossible Cure" and understood the
"like cures like" concept of homeopathy, however, it's hard to imagine that it
can actually work.  After studying all of Caroline's history and unique
characteristics, Miranda prescribed a remedy.  The remedy chosen was
Belladonna.  After the first dose, Caroline was remarkably improved... her eye
contact and use of her language were undeniably better and she was much
calmer than usual.  It seemed too good to be true.  After 3 days, the remedy's
effects were diminished, but upon repeated dosing we've noticed the same
results.  We're currently working with Miranda to determine the ideal dosing
schedule and consider other remedies as well.

Slow and Steady

As we headed toward round 40 of chelation, we continued to see gains with
each round and noted that it's consistently been our "heaviest hitter"
treatment to date.  We only wish we would've started sooner.  We added
DMSA (instead of DMPS) once a month to work on removing lead and seeing
even more gains across the board and most surprisingly in her ability to
generate ideas in both communication and play.

We've tried a few additional immune system enhancers: Transfer Factors
specifically for MMR and other vaccines by Chisolm labs and
Proboost Thymic
Protein A.  From both of them, we saw some gains, but again, after 1-2 weeks
her yeast flared and we had to stop.  This tells us that we have not chelated
long enough to work on the viruses... so we will continue to wait.

In May, we gave Caroline a "deep acting" homeopathic remedy and are
seeing very nice improvements. Everyone around her has noticed her
increased use of language, better eye contact and that it seems as if the veil
that was keeping her in her own world is being lifted.

We revisited HBOT which seemed to help her process more quickly, but in
conjunction with chelation it caused too much yeast, resulting in decreased
eye contact, increased stimming and scripting.  Upon removing it, she's much
happier.  Doing too many things at once is always tempting, but often doesn't
result in greater overall gains.  Again we wait.

A New Chapter: P.A.N.D.A.S.

In August, 2011, Caroline was sick with a cold and a fever.  After that, her
OCD behaviors rapidly escalated.  Since that can be a symptom of PANDAS
and we knew in the past that antibiotics decreased her OCD, I knew to pursue
it.  We began working with a PANDAS specialist and are seeing enormous
gains in engagement, eye contact, mood, lessening of OCD / Rigiditiy, from
Ibuprofen, Amoxicillin and Prednisone (5 day trial).  We began considering
IVIG treatment as well.  For more on PANDAS, please see her

November 2011, brought many changes.  We began working with
PierreFontaine (homeopath) and her
remedy brought some much needed
social gains.. unfortunately they did not last.  None of the homeopathic
remedies we have used have had any lasting effects.

When she began drinking
Camel milk, he changes in her engagement,
attention and language were dramatic.  

She was previously unable to go off antibiotics (because OCD and tics swiftly
returned) but we were encouraged to try a
natural protocol and to our
surprise, it's been able to keep her largely symptom free and improve her
sleep.  IVIG has moved to the backburner as a treatment while we see how
much healing we can achieve naturally.  As we enter the new year, she's
doing better than ever!


The first half of 2012 brought Caroline many gains.  Continuing with Camel
milk and adding supplements such as carnosine and seriphos greatly
increased her calmness and attention.

However, it was treating
Thyroid in the beginning of the summer that brought
us some of the most remarkable, directly related improvements we've seen.  

She is much more present, in the moment and has wonderful referencing
(seeking people's approval before she acts).  She has also needed far less
adrenal cortex extract - because being hypothyroid is hard on the adrenals.  
We are still working on finding the optimal dosage.

Like so many things, we really wish we had looked into thyroid sooner.  It's
estimated that 80% of children with autism have thyroid issues, so we
recommend that everyone consider it for their own children.

Supplement Review

The end of 2012 and into 2013 we added and removed several supplements.  
Get Smart brought many gains, we continued to treat parasites, and we
removed many antioxidants and all
probiotics which helped with the few
remaining PANDAS symptoms.  We've learned that she sometimes improves
when we remove supplements that once clearly helped, so it's critical to
continue to test whether your child continues to need supplements and
whether the doses should be adjusted.

To date, Caroline's most remarkable gains have come from treating yeast,
methyl b-12 injections, the specific carbohydrate diet, hyperbaric oxygen
treatments, chelation (we are at round 71), camel milk and treating thyroid.

Through all of it, therapy is essential and has helped Caroline tremendously,
but only in conjunction with biomedical treatments.  Every time she
demonstrates large gains in skills -- which are noticed at therapy sessions
and/or school, it is precisely at the time we have started a biomedical
treatment.  When she plateaus with a treatment, no new skills have come until
we try the next one.  Fortunately, she's capable of rising to each new
challenge with a smile.

UPDATE 2017: If you're following our facebook page and recoveringkids
, you may already know that we found huge success with galantamine,
huperzine-A, and are impressed with PQQ's ability to generate new
(click text to link to our blog posts)

We're also working hard to treat Lyme and Bartonella based on results from a
DNA Connexions test this year. Our "
Detox the die-off' post explains more
about our Lyme treatments.

2018: We've had amazing success with anti-androgen herbs! You can read
more about that in the post: "
Our Exciting Discovery - Anti-androgen herbs
calm autism & PANS symptoms"

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