There's a fine line between optimism and false
confidence. And as much as we'd like it to be
true, our children are not impervious to harm.

Learning from others who have gone before is
the only way to ensure
"that will never be your
"But that would never be my child..."                    October 14, 2011
Although Caroline is 5, it seems like only yesterday I had a life that was completely
independent and was so blissfully unaware of the demands of motherhood, that
when witnessing a screaming child in a restaurant I'd think,
"that would never be my

And when I was pregnant, visiting a friend's house where dolls and toys were
strewn about every room, I insisted to myself,
that would never be my house.  In
fact, I didn't want colorful, plastic anything.  The thought of a high chair disrupting
the clean lines of my stainless and glass dining table caused me tremendous

Needless to say, I've come a long way since then... and I have a house overrun
with toys, games and stuffed animals to prove it.

So "Why is it," new moms often ask, "that they don't tell us what it's really like
having kids before we have them?"    

Honestly, I can't say no one did.  People do, we just don't listen.

We're too busy living our fabulously free lifestyles to begin to contemplate what
true sleep deprivation actually does to one's mind or to comprehend how it will feel
to have the 60 minutes we spend getting ready dwindled down to 5 (if we're lucky).

We may hear the words our friend is saying - but subconsciously we think -
would never be my child
.  My child will sleep through the night and be easy,
beautiful and perfect.

Optimists to a fault

Most of us possess an innate optimism that's fundamentally an admirable trait.  
But it's also the cause of a noticeable disconnect between people who have
experience and people who could benefit by learning from it.  

Instead of listening, we too often think that we're unique and the difficulties others
encounter won't happen to us and certainly NEVER to our child.
 This disconnect
seems to be profoundly present between parents who have vaccine injured
children and those who don't.

The group who doesn't, understandably tend to think that vaccine injury is rare
and accordingly not even on their radar.  Besides, (subconsciously again) since
our own children are exempt from the perils of the world, why worry about
something that isn't going to happen?!  
That would never be my neurologically
harmed child.

Plus, there's the: "My pediatrician told me that giving 6 vaccines at once to my
infant is safe, so it must be."  

The truth is, many pediatricians have a demanding practice during the day and
then go home, just as exhausted as the rest of us, to a family of their own.  
Vaccines are not at the forefront of their mind and what they tell you is merely what
the Pharmaceutical Rep they had lunch with last week told them.  That's it.  There's
no time for countless hours of independent research.

The Gurus

The people who make it a priority to find, read and piece together independent
research are parents who observed changes in their own child following a vaccine.

We read everything we can get our hot little hands on - articles in scientific
journals, lab reports and books written by doctors who specialize in the area.  The
more we learn, the more obvious it becomes that our 'anecdotal observations.' are
shared by thousands and firmly backed by scientific research.

Here's an example of something I read today:
An Update on Viral Issue in Autism
by Dr. Jeff Bradstreet.  Parents such as myself, read similar articles all week long.  
No offense to your pediatrician, but if he or she read it, I'd be (pleasantly) shocked.

The Great Divide

Armed with findings, such as the above link, we eagerly try to pass along the
information to parents who haven't been affected by the issue.  But honestly, it's
largely ignored for two reasons:

First, if
that would never be your child, I completely understand why it wouldn't be
interesting to you.

Second, we're a society who gleams our knowledge from media snippets.  We
certainly don't have time to read research papers between our children's piano
lessons and basketball practice.

It should be noted though, that media snippets can be very effective: consider the
fate of BPA in plastic.  The media told us it's dangerous and we avoid it like the
plague.  "BPA Free" labels abound, which is great... but in comparison to the toxins
in vaccines (injected directly into our children) BPA is relatively tame.

Why doesn't the media report the risks of vaccines?

Sick children have made for many a heart-wrenching news story. The images of
their innocent forlorn faces compel us to tune in to each night of a series to find
out whether they'll recover.  

Which makes it curious why we never hear: "Don't miss our story of little Nathan's
triumphant recovery from vaccine injury, Tonight at 10:00."

The reason is simply that vaccine manufacturers have silenced the media.  The
media needs the pharmaceutical company's advertising dollars.  Anyone who has
a TV or reads a magazine, knows that without ads for prescription medicines, the
media outlets may head into a tailspin.

Parents as reporters

My Facebook news feed abounds with vaccine injury stories all throughout any
given day.  Here are just a few examples from this week:

The problem is... how many of our friends with typical ice cream eating, soccer
playing, sleep-over having children are reading these stories?  
And if they do read one or two of them, they (understandably) are lacking some
background needed to connect the dots from A=>B=>C.  C being various forms of
vaccine injury.

Of course, it's much easier to fall back on old reliable... the pediatrician... who's
merely regurgitating what he or she was told by the vaccine manufacturer.

In order to know enough to stand their ground in a discussion, our friends need:

There's nothing better than CliffsNotes to brief you on important points when you
don't have time to read the whole (or even part of) a book.  So here they are:   

Chapter One
Three Ways in Six Steps that Vaccines can Harm Our Children.
Cliff's Tip: Although there are many, memorizing these should sufficiently fill your Blue Books.
Reaction to the Viruses
  1. The immune system and the brain are intimately connected.
  2. People with autoimmune issues make antibodies to things they shouldn't.
  3. The antibodies cause, among other things, inflammation.
  4. Viruses in vaccines can trigger an autoimmune reaction.
  5. The result is often inflammation in the brain.
  6. The brain inflammation causes neurological damage.

Accumulation of Metals in the Body
  1. Vaccines contain heavy metals (aluminum, mercury etc..)
  2. The body cannot easily release or flush heavy metals.
  3. Individuals with impaired detoxification systems can't release them at all.
  4. They accumulate in our tissues, brain and kidneys and more.
  5. Metals are known neurotoxins.
  6. All people are harmed by metals - the extent of damage is the only variable.

Creating Imbalance in the Immune System
  1. Proper immune function requires a balance of reactions
  2. Th1 = acute reactions  and  Th2= allergic/autoimmune reactions
  3. Vaccinations work by modifying the reactivity of the immune system
  4. They decrease acute inflammatory reactions (Th1 side)
  5. They increase allergic and auto-immune reactions (Th2 side)
  6. Vaccines cause people to become more autoimmune and allergic.

Note: Yes, the last example is the cause of the first example... a vicious cycle.
And yes, again, you should definitely take this list to your doctor's office and see
what they have to say.

If you're interested in extra study on the above, you should read this: Paul Offit is Right! Autism is
About the Synapse… and Dendritic Immunity  (thank you Marcella-Piper Terry)

And for still more, consider this website: Healing-Arts,
Autoimmunity, Vaccines And Autism

Chapter Two
Situations which apply to:

A. Pregnant women / Everyone
The Flu Vaccine: What your Doctor won't tell you (or probably doesn't even
Be prepared when your doctor tells you the amount of mercury in the shot is
equal to what's in a tuna fish sandwich.  
Injecting a neurotoxin into your bloodstream is not the same as eating
something... just ask an IV drug user.

B. Anyone with young children
Until the age of 10, the mylein sheath, (the insulation for brain pathways) is
not fully formed and vast areas of the cortex are not yet protected.
Watch this video of how mercury destroys brain cells (imagine how
damaging it is to unprotected brain cells).
People with autoimmune issues are the most at risk for vaccine injury...
PLEASE keep this in mind if your child has allergies or asthma.
Your child's allergies or asthma could very likely have been CAUSED by
vaccines.  (see "Creating Imbalance in the Immune System" above) if so,
they will generally worsen with repeated vaccinations.
Most concerns about unvaccinated children are answered here: Think Twice

C. Twelve year olds and Up
Gardasil injuries are not rare.  Consider these links:
SaneVax: Gone after Gardasil
One More Girl (Documantary)
The Canary Party on vaccination without parental consent (12 and up)

D.  People age 50 or better, or considering the Shingles Vaccine
Vaccine Awakening: Shingles Vaccine Targets Baby Boomers
Vaccines, Depression and Neurodegeneration After Age 50

Chapter Three
Additional Questions for your Physician
  • Are there any studies that have tested the safety of vaccines when given in combination?  (The answer is NO.)

  • Are there any studies which demonstrate there is no link between vaccines
    and autism that weren't funded by parties who benefit financially from
    vaccines?  (The answer is NO.)  Here's one website detailing the answer:
    Fourteen Studies

Chapter Four
Extra Credit Topic - Vaccine Exemptions for School

Cliffs Parting Words

When you're searching for the truth, follow the money.  The money trail
generally leads you to the answers you need.

I'm not being paid to write this blog.  Your doctor is being paid to give vaccines.
The pharmaceutical companies are making billions.  I'm only telling you to research
them with your eyes wide open.  Medical giants are telling you not to worry and do
as you're told.  You can choose who you want to believe.

"That would never be my child," was the rationale that resulted in my ignorance.  
An ignorance for which I paid an incredibly steep price.  The life of my child was
changed forever.  Much of her childhood has been spent seeking recovery and the
guilt I feel will never be lifted.

I don't blame the doctors, most of them truly don't know any better.  I blame myself
for not following my gut and researching vaccine dangers myself.

Please be informed.  Trust no one without doing your own research.  Vaccine
injury is not rare... which means that child who can't speak, who has rage filled
meltdowns in public places, or who's in 3rd grade and still not toilet trained
very well be your child.

But then, you will be well beyond CliffsNotes, you'll have read the whole book and
you'll be shouting from the rooftops... perplexed as to why the same people who
are so afraid of BPA simply cannot hear you.

Please pass this on to a friend you care about!
June 2006  --  Caroline (5 lbs, 15 ozs.)
Good to Know...
Even our Government does it's best to keep
the vaccine injury stories quiet.  Laws have
been passed to exempt the vaccine
manufacturers from any potential liability
resulting from injury from their products.

There's a special Vaccine Court which rules
on vaccine injury claims and then doles out
taxpayer money to injured people.  
(more than $1.8 billion in claims have been
awarded since 1989).
Two recommended books (for those who
have time for more than CliffsNotes):
For Caroline's story of injury and healing, click here.
Flumist... does not contain Thimerisol
(but it is a live virus vaccine - see parent complaints)
What about Flumist?
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Which means, vaccines, by their very nature, cause people to become more autoimmune.
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