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Graphs showing the decline of "vaccine-preventable" diseases took place primarily BEFORE vaccines were ever introduced
Autism: Made in the USA movie.  If you don't have time to watch it all, start at 32:30, the beginning of the     
                            explanation of how vaccines have NEVER been tested in combination, the Government   
                            coverup that's going on, why the media doesn't report the truth the and how the studies
                            "proving" there's no link between vaccines and developmental disorders are flawed and
                            some believe even fraud.
About "THE STUDIES" that "prove" there's no link between vaccines and autism
1. Fourteen Studies : The flaws and bias in each of the studies that deny a link are explained
No Evidence of any Link : Ginger Taylor's list of 52 (and growing) abstracts of studies that DO show there's a link.
Yes, Vaccines can CAUSE Autism :  Dr. Wakefield's work has been both replicated and expanded.  The political retraction is irrelevant.
Vaccine reactions can and do trigger neurological
damage and more.  
PLEASE read the links on this page to learn and
understand the risks before your child's next
No more parents should be left feeling like
"I am so, so sorry, my precious boy.
You needed me to protect you.
I just believed what I was told.
No questions asked. I did not read the MSD
sheets they handed me. I gave them your
life when I signed those papers. I went back,
over and over again, watching you get sicker
and sicker.

Sweet, sweet Noah, please forgive me. You
matter. Your life matters and I love you more
than anything."

Taken From:
"A day in the Life of an Autism
by Lisa Joyce Goes
Vaccines Cause Autoimmune Disorders (allergies, asthma, autism and more)
1. Autoimmunity and Vaccinations
2. Supporting Children's Health
3. Balance the Th1 / Th2 Immune system
4. Is PANDAS really Vaccine Injury?
Two important points to keep in mind:
1. The studies "proving" vaccines don't cause autism were
funded by parties who benefit financially from vaccines.
2. No study has ever been done to prove safety of vaccines
when give in combination.
The Parent
Over 1,000 parents
describe in a
paragraph how
vaccines triggered
their child's autism.
The wildly popular
Street Corner
Autism Debate
Don't Forget!
When researching vaccines, a great place to start is with the
package inserts themselves.  See just what the manufacturer
says. Some examples:

The MMR vaccine, what the manufacturer's insert tells us

The Dtap Package Insert  Pg 11, "Adverse events reported during
post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic
purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal
convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea.
Events were included in this list because of the seriousness or frequency of
Scientifically Speaking:
1. CBS News: Vaccines and autism: a new scientific review
2. The MUST READ report from the above link.  Published in the Journal of Immunotoxicology, it gives a thorough summary
of the scientific research supporting a vaccines/autism link:  
Theoretical aspects of autism: Causes—A review  
3. Autism Studies & Related Medical Conditions -  TACA's list of studies with hundreds of citations linking autism to viruses & metals.
Not for the Faint of Heart:

TACA's: Autism Studies & Related
Medical Conditions
Comprehensive document including
the "studies" and rebuttals.
If you're visiting this page, you may have concerns about vaccinations for your child.  
The most important thing I can do is tell you what I wish someone had told our family...
DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!  Hopefully, this page will help get you started.

You may have heard on talk shows or from your pediatrician, "The studies have been
done."  But have you asked about those studies?  Do you know they were all funded
by parties who benefit financially from vaccines?  Are you aware that there has NEVER
been a study done on the effects of multiple vaccines given at one time?

In addition to those questions, I generally ask parents, "Do you know how vaccines
work?" Are you aware that by their very nature they are designed to increase
autoimmunity?  Which includes the same disorders (such as allergies and asthma) that
our children are suffering from in alarmingly higher rates each year?  

The links on this page will help you understand the problems with the studies, the
industry, the vaccines themselves, and to truly be aware of the science behind it all.  

You'll learn that vaccines can (and too often do) trigger autism, ADHD, allergies,
asthma and other autoimmune disorders.  You'll find that knowledge is power.  And
you'll feel confident to make your OWN educated decision, not one that's made for you
by someone who most likely has never read any of this...
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